In the United States, more than 75 percent of electricity generated is used to operate buildings.  In China, rapid and
urbanization present prime opportunities to incorporate energy-efficient technologies and strategies into
new buildings.  We create and deploy building energy efficiency (BEE) technologies and tools that benefit society.  (read more)

On-line comparative energy benchmarking tool; Expanded use of measured data from real-time monitoring; Behavioral impacts integrated into... Read More
Cool Roof provisions for Chinese national BEE standards; New designs for fenestration materials and systems; High efficiency shading and... Read More
Integrated control strategies; Advanced algorithms and demonstration programs for lighting; New advanced evaporative cooling systems; Read More
Cloud tool for distributed energy technologies based on load and real-time pricing; Evaluation of renewable energy systems; New ground... Read More
Real time strategies for cost & peak load reduction; Comparative research on energy use of U.S. and Chinese high efficiency buildings; Read More
Data and Energy Management - Energy use reductions; Policy Analysis and Incentives - New joint policies; Read More
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