Demonstration Projects

New, U.S. Technologies Demonstrated in China

Five demonstration buildings in China have been selected across distinct climate zones. U.S. and Chinese industrial partners engage with each of the demonstration buildings. These projects serve not only to showcase technologies, but also to advance ongoing R&D activities within the consortium.

The consortium benefits from access to instrumented data and is evaluating the performance and cost/effectiveness of various U.S. technologies featured the demonstration buildings including: (1) lighting controls; (2) ground source pump heating system; (3) air barriers; and (4) liquid flashing.  While the U.S. and China are co-funding research activities, the building is supported entirely by industry.

In the News

Recent coverage of the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) demonstration building slated for completion in mid-2014.  This is one project of five, each in a different Chinese climate zone.