Technical Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

The CERC BEE Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meets two or three times each year in the U.S. or China. The TAC is guided by the jointly agreed CERC Fundamental Criteria and offers program guidance and fosters technical accuracy by reviewing, assessing, and advising on:Technology development plans and progress, identifying any show-stoppers
  1. Current competitive or best in class global technologies against current plan
  2. Technology risk assessment and abatement plans including experimentation plans and timeline
  3. Concepts for demonstrations/pilot; plans to demonstrate at pilot plant and/or in field
  4. Presentation and external communications plan
  5. Key building code and standards issues and plan update

Technical expertise is aligned with our six research areas: Renewable Energy, Monitoring & Simulation, Building Envelope, Building Equipment, Whole Building, and Commercialization and Policy.

Committee Members

The TAC is chaired by Rick Diamond and comprised of individual leaders in the field of building energy efficiency drawn from both the public and private sector.

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