Building Equipment

Building Equipment

Interior photo showing two open levels of an office in New York City with a staircase between themAdvanced Lighting Controls
We aim to achieve deep lighting energy savings with lighting controls that pay back the initial investment in less than five years in key Chinese and U.S. building markets. Other research objectives include identifying the energy savings associated with individual lighting system control strategies and to convincingly demonstrate lighting control systems' added value and cost-effectiveness for lighting energy and demand in existing U.S. buildings and new construction in China.
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Sub-Wet Bulb Evaporative Cooling
Sub-wet bulb evaporative chiller technology could be an energy-saving alterantive to compressor-based air conditioners and chillers. We model, laboratory test and refine sub-wet bulb evaporative chillers to quantify their performance and determine the applicability of the technology to buildings as a function of climate.
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Key Technical Achievements

  • Integrated control strategies
  • Advanced algorithms and demonstration programs for lighting
  • New advanced evaporative cooling systems


Berkeley Lab
China Academy of Building Research