Building Envelope

Building Envelope

A worker sprays liquid flashing into a crevice on a building exteriorCool Roofs and Urban Heat Islands
We are quantifying the potential energy savings and environmental benefits of cool roofs in China, investigating how this technology could best be adapted to Chinese climates, urban design and building practices.
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Advanced Window and Shading Technologies
Our researchers are working to identify and develop the methods needed to characterize, compare and evaluate the energy use and comfort performance of advanced window and shading technologies. We are analyzing the potential technologies needed to attain energy efficiency goals for residential and commercial buildings in a diverse set of climates in the United States and China.
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Materials That Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Air Barrier Systems
We are developing technologies that will improve the cost-effectiveness of air barrier systems by reducing their installation time and enhancing their performance. These technologies will be applicable to residential and commercial buildings, as well as to new and existing construction in the U.S. and China.
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Key Technical Achievements

  • Cool Roof provisions for Chinese national BEE standards
  • New designs for fenestration materials and systems
  • High efficiency shading and insulated window systems


Berkeley Lab
Oak Ridge National Lab
Dow Chemical
China Academy of Building Research
Chongqing University
Tongji University