Renewable Energy Utilization

Current Research

Key Technical Achievements

  • Cloud tool for distributed energy technologies based on load and real-time pricing
  • Evaluation of renewable energy systems
  • New ground source heat exchanger designs

Recent Publications


Regional analysis of building distributed energy costs and CO2 abatement: A U.S.–China comparison Link
Optimal deployment of thermal energy storage under diverse economic and climate conditions Link


Field Test and Evaluation of Residential Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Using Emerging Ground Coupling Technologies PDF icon PDF


A Comparative Study on the Status of GSHP Applications in US and China PDF icon PDF
A Green Prison: The Santa Rita Jail Campus Microgrid PDF icon PDF
Building Distributed Energy Optimization for China – a Regional Analysis fo Building Energy Costs and CO2 Emission Link
Comparison Analysis of High Energy Efficiency Office Buildings in Typical Climate Zones of China and U.S.
Discover Opportunities with Ground Source Heat Pump
Energy Cost and CO2 Emission Reduction by Distributed Energy Resource Optimization: A Comparison between China and California
Optimal Operation of a Builidng Scale Thermal System via Software-as-a-Service Experience of a Practical Implementation
The Modeling Development of Optimization Evaluation on Renewable Energy Used in Building Based on the Case Study Both in China and the US