Policy & Market Promotion

Current Research

Key Technical Achievements

  • Methodologies for energy cap and trade system in buildings and quota system for public buildings
  • Policy recommendations to promote EE, renewable energy, and green buildings

Recent Publications


Advanced Building Technologies and the Role of Energy Efficiency Policies in Promoting Their Development and Application PDF icon PDF
Energy Service Companies in the Building Sector--- A Review of International and Chinese Exeperience PDF icon PDF
Introduction to U.S. Best Practices in Building Retro-Commissioning PDF icon PDF


Methodology Research on Commercial Building Energy Consumption Cap
Policy Review and Comparison on Building Energy Efficiency Policies and Distributed Renewables in the U.S. and China
Building Labeling Systems and Policies: A Comparative Study of Building Labeling in US and China PDF icon PDF
Energy Quota Setting and Cap and Trade Schemes for Chinese Commercial Buildings: A Primer for Program Creation PDF icon PDF
Review of U.S. Policies on Building Energy Efficiency, Distributed Renewable Energy and Green Buildings PDF icon PDF