CERC-BEE Director Nan Zhou on the Consortium's Effort in Climate Change in a Media Interview

October 2nd 2014

Nan Zhou, the Deputy Group Leader of China Energy Group and the U.S. Director of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Center-Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE) said in an interview with the Hong Kong-based television broadcaster, Phoenix Television, that the "CREC-BEE consortium accelerates innovation as participating researchers create market-driven technologies with industrial partners commercializing the technologies in shorter periods of time."

In this Chinese-language news titled "Global Insight: What the U.S. and China have done to fight climate change?", Nan Zhou added that Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is working with China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to develop new building codes for China, and "it's crucial to engage in the policy-making process, which sets the tone for new building codes." She also noted that "this U.S.-China cooperation model is proving successful and can apply to other areas of cooperation," giving CERC-BEE's joint effort in climate change a meaning that goes beyond the buildings sector and the two countries' borders.