IP Education & Training

Intellectual Property Education and Training

To help researchers understand the IP framework outlined in the TMPs and other pertinent IP laws and practices in each county, the U.S. Department of Energy and China's Ministry of Science and Technology carry out a continuing program of IP education and training. The program increases mutual awareness and understanding of the IP laws and practices of each country, how they intersect, and how they pertain to the formation of IP-protected research collaborations under CERC.

CERC BEE benefits from both countries guidance and technical assistance in ensuring that CERC-related contracts comport with the TMP and controlling documents.

To improve CERC participants' understanding of each country's laws and practices impacting intellectual property rights, the U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum holds IP workshops for CERC participants:

November 2015: IP Training Session, Wuhan, China

February 2013: IP Workshop, Palo Alto, California, USA

March 2012: IP Workshop, Haikou, China

May 2011: IP Workshop For ACTC Participants, Wuhan, China

January 2011: Joint IP Workshop, Washington, DC, USA

For more information or to participate in a future workshop contact us or visit the US Department of Energy CERC webpage on intellectual property (IP).