Building Energy Efficiency Consortium

U.S. and China Research Consortium

“The key idea of CERC is to address our joint challenges better, faster and cheaper by finding productive ways to work together and learn from each other.” US CERC Director Robert Marlay, at Stanford IP Conference, Feb. 26, 2013

Dr. Nan Zhou from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory leads the U.S. consortium, and Dr. Liang Junqiang from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development leads the Chinese consortium.

Under the U.S. - China leadership organization, expert teams from national and private institutes collaboratively research, develop, demonstrate, and partner with industry to deploy new technologies, tools, and policies that significantly reduce building energy consumption in both countries.


United States

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
National Resource Defense Council
ICF International
University of California, Davis


MoHURD Science & Technology Committee
Tsinghua University
Tongji University
Tianjin University
Chongqing University
China Academy of Building Research
China Society for Urban Studies